Why does a scheduled bot stop automatically?

  • 18 August 2023
  • 6 replies

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A scheduled bot stops automatically everyday at the same time and no error is thrown. There is no end time set for the bot. I'm unable to find a conclusion to this. There are many other task bots within this bot that run successfully but a particular bot alone stops at a particular time everyday. Any answers to this will be helpful.

6 replies

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Check if device is busy with another task at this moment, Check if it is in queue waiting ...

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There is no task in queue waiting. Currently running bot that stops everyday at a particular (same time everyday) time and no error shows up. It just stops and exits. Fails to restart the bot again.

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Within this period can you save screen shot and check if any thing happens at this time..

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Okay I’ll check that. This happens only on a particular VM. Is there a way to clear cache while using the control room through a VM?

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Actually no,

Good luck..



The same thing has been happening to me these last few months. 
Every day, at exactly the same time, virtual machines from different bots are disconnected. Have you found any solution?