What to do? as Automation 360 IQbot will no longer be available from november 28 2023

  • 3 November 2023
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Since automation 360 IQbot will no longer be available from november 28, even now I cannot even use it already. It says that in the first screenshot below I can use the document automation community edition instead so I went to click the tutorial link. But when I click on the 4th step as per second screenshot, and looked at the steps at the 3rd screenshot, it says to check in, in order to bring the learning instance to production, but I do not have that option as community edition. 


So what does this mean? previously I was using the free iqbot to process my invoices, now I can’t do it unless I pay for license to upgrade in order to use this document automation? But in the first screenshot they mentioned I can use document automation community edition, they mentioned community edition, so there must be a way I can still process my invoices for free right? Does anyone know of a full video tutorial on how to use this document automation community edition for free as I can’t find it.




3 replies

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Anyone can help me?

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Hi @PlayEatSleep ,


The Community Edition version offers users limited features from the document processing solutions Document Automation and Automation 360 IQ Bot. This version is available to users for free.

Users are not required to purchase a license and there are no time limitations. However, there are some functionality constraints as follows:
  • You can create a maximum of five learning instances per user.
  • You cannot delete a learning instance.
  • In the learning instance list, you can view and access only the learning instances and data that you created.
  • You cannot integrate a Community Edition version of Document Automation with an Automation 360 IQ Bot environment.
  • Google Document AI and Standard forms are not supported.


Create a learning instance in Community Edition

Process documents in Community Edition

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I’m not able to push my learning instance to production, not able see any option to that. is it because of the same?