Universal Recording not starting

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The system seems to be very slow today, and when I click in the Universal Recorder it stays forever in the "Deploying to computer...".


I have deleted cookies and restarted the computer but nothing seems to work. I see there has been changes in the interface. Can it be related to a new upgrade?


Any idea as to why is this happening? Thanks


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@Julio Segura​ - yes, .23 version has been released for Community users.


you can see couple of new interface changes.


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So what can I do to make the thing work?


Recorder: Capture does not work either, it stays forever "Deploying to computer".



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if it doesnot work, Stop and start your AA BOT agent once.

if still you are facing error

1) Stop Bot agent

2) Remove/rename Global cache folder from C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\BotRunner

3) Start BOT agent.


and above solutions are not working try the solution from below AA support team.


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Hi @Julio Segura​ ,


Refer below steps


SummaryDue to missing files in the "C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\GlobalCache" folder in the bot-runner machines, GUI elements in Google Chrome browser would not be recognized by the recorder.

CauseFiles were getting deleted from "C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\GlobalCache\embedded-resources" folder in the bot-runner machines due to a cache expiry logic and this would lead the recorder to not recognize GUI elements in Google Chrome browser.


This has been identified as a defect in A360.21.


As a workaround, please follow the below steps.


If not running A360.21 build 9664, first upgrade to build 9664.

If running A360.21 build 9664 with bot agent version 21.82.10342 and still facing the issue, take the following actions.

  1. Stop the "Automation Anywhere Bot Agent" service.
  2. Go to "C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\GlobalCache\" and delete "embedded-resources" folder entirely.
  3. Uninstall bot agent 21.82.10342, and install fixed bot agent 21.82.10345 from the EXE or MSI file, please use this download link:
  4. Test by running bot which will redownload required resources.



This will be fully fixed on the product level in A360.22 version; however, a one time cleanup can be required to clear out any previous files needing cleanup. This cleanup can also be required if upgrading from A360.20 or A360.21 directly to A360.23 or A360.21 directly to A360.24. Please use the following steps in such a scenario.


  1. Ensure you are running the A360.22 latest version of the bot agent.
  2. Stop the "Automation Anywhere Bot Agent" service.
  3. Go to "C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\GlobalCache\" and delete "embedded-resources" folder entirely.
  4. Start the "Automation Anywhere Bot Agent" service.
  5. Test by running bot which will redownload required resources.

After this cleanup, the new A360.22 or later bot agent will prevent this issue from happening again.


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Hi @Julio Segura​,


Please raise Support ticket with AA using below link>

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I've followed all the steps mentioned above and it still does not work. 😥

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That link takes me to a page showing Invalid Page / Page Load Error and I can't find any support to raise my issue besides this forum. 😟

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Hi @Julio Segura​ ,


Please send an email to "" from your official id along with the error screenshot support team will assist you.

Hi @Julio Segura​,


Try this workaround:


  1. Check the folder permission of full control for all folders.
  2. Set the exact folder path in network driver of Windows.


Note: If the trigger folder path is through network, need to map a network drive in Windows.

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Great @Julio Segura​ , glad you are close looping this thread.

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Hi, the Bot Agent started working fine the next day. I don't really know why or how.


Thank you everyone for the help! 😃