Unable to run from Community Version

  • 14 March 2024
  • 4 replies

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Hi, I try to run the flow from the community version. I have installed Bot agent. and my local desktop is connected. But while running i am getting this error message. 


“Unable to download the bot or dependencies to the device”


4 replies

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Hi @SindhujaaS101835,


Kindly check out the below link,


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Hi kindly walk through the steps to reach “Private” and “Public” Tab and I dont have access to install Bot agent as “Admin” access.

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Hi try re setting Device using postman

Hope this helps


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Hi SindhujaaS101835,


Please check whether you have full permission to for the folder.


The users should have read\execute\modify\full control permissions to the GlobalCache and BotRunner. Validate the same. If the permissions are not given, then we need to give permissions to the Everyone group.