Unable to add new device

  • 11 August 2023
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I am setting up a new virtual bot runner machine.  We currently have 3 in our environment and we are trying to set up the 4th.  I follow the steps for connecting a local machine but it does not get added.  1 of two things happen:

  1. Nothing - Control Room goes through the motion of adding the new machine but it does not. 
  2. The machine new machine is added in place of another virtual machine in the device pool. 

The Device Pool never grows above 1. Is there a step that I am missing to add another device?

2 replies

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Hello @Drudawg07 I did not understand the issue clearly from the problem description.

Were you able to install and register your 4th Runner machine with the Control Room?, If not, what is the error you getting? Please share a screenshot of the issue. 

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Sorry for the delayed response.  I have not been able to get machine added to the control panel.

I have two VMs, AATB001 and AATB002 that is I am attempting to use.  AATB002 is the newest VM that I am trying to add to the device pool.  I log into the virtual machine and then into AA and click add new device, it will overwrite AATB001 and make it AATB002 instead of adding a new separate device.  When I switch back over to AATB001 and try to add it as a a device it does the same.  It will overwrite AATB002 as AATB001 and AATB002 is nowhere to be found. 

In the “Current Control Device” screenshot, it show the devices that are currently in the device pool.  

Add Local Device image shows the results after trying to the add the AATB002.  You can see in the pic that I am logged into AATB002 but it is associating the local device as AATB001.


Hope this helps some.