Trouble Printing Coupons Using Automation Anywhere

  • 5 September 2023
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Hello fellow Automation Anywhere users,

I've encountered an issue while attempting to automate the process of printing coupons using Automation Anywhere. Our organization relies heavily on coupon distribution, and automating this task would be a significant time-saver.


Coupon Website Compatibility: I'm finding it challenging to interact with coupon printing websites effectively. They often have dynamic elements and require user interactions like selecting coupons and printing them.

Printer Configuration: I'm unsure how to configure Automation Anywhere to recognize and send the print command to the correct printer, especially when printing multiple coupons in a batch.

Coupon Format: Coupons often come in various formats (PDFs, images, web pages), and I'm not sure how to standardize the printing process across different formats.

What I've Tried So Far:

I've attempted to use various web automation commands like "Web Recorder" and "Web Control Room" to interact with coupon websites, but I'm still encountering difficulties.

I've also tried to use the "Print" command, but I'm unsure how to customize it for different coupon formats.


Has anyone successfully automated the process of printing coupons using Automation Anywhere, especially on websites with dynamic elements?

How can I configure Automation Anywhere to recognize and send print commands to the correct printer?

Are there any best practices or tips for standardizing the coupon printing process across various formats?

I'd greatly appreciate any guidance, advice, or insights from the community. Your expertise would be invaluable in helping me streamline our coupon distribution process.

Thank you in advance!


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