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Please help me in below scenario.

I have a drodown list :  Say Country.

So My BOT is able to select a specfic country from the dropdown list based on user's input. So this part is OK.

There is a TEXTBOX (Name: STATE) below country field.

Based for some country, the TEXTBOX  converts itself to  dropdown list, and for some country, it remains as plain TEXTBOX.


Example: If BOT  selects CHINA from COUNTRY dropdown, the "STATE” field becomes a dropdown list and then from that list, BOT has to select a state.

              If  BOT  selects Bangladesh from COUNTRY dropdown, the "STATE” field remains as a plain TEXT BOX and in this case, the BOT has to use "setTEXT” property to fill the value.


 I have written the logic as,

IF  (combobox), then simulate keystroke action (type country name) TAB

Else "setTEXT” property to fill the value.

But problem is , BOT is confused and is not working as per the requirement.






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