Strange Python Behavior

  • 4 January 2022
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Community Edition - Bot Agent Version 21.120.

Windows 10



Hello All,


I am just starting to try Python in AA and have encountered some strange behavior.


I have three commands in a task as shown:

imageThe Open script command contains the following inline Python:

imageThe Execute script action outputs the script to "pyOutput" string, and the Message box action displays the "pyOutput" string.


The strange part is that when I run the bot, I get a message from the bot of "true" on line 1, which is the Open script action.

imageHowever, after clicking "Close" the bot finishes and no message box (which is the third action in my bot) is displayed.


Any idea what I am doing wrong here?



2 replies

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Worked like a charm @Ashwin A.K​ ! Thanks!

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Hi @Logan Price​ ,


Since you are passing in the script manually, you have to use the Python Script: Open Function along with the Function you wish to execute and the Arguments if any.





The Python Script: Execute Script is used when you are referencing a py file in the Python Script: Open Action.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K