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  • 13 March 2024
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In control room, we have a history section where we see the status of the job. We want that if the status of the job is failed it should be delivered on email. How to do that ?

We do not want to go each time on control room to monitor the jobs?





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7 replies

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Hello ,

The CR admin can configure this rule in the Email Notification settings. Attached the screenshot for your reference. 

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Thank you 


AI Brahma

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In the control room, You can go to Administration>Settings and configure the Notifications you want and specify the email ids for a report of all the notifications.



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Also want to know if jobs are stuck at a point, is there any way to capture the error where it is stuck and the provision to email it. How can we deliver an email for the stuck jobs.


Like in my case BOT was trying to login the SAP system and user logged out because of error ‘Max user idle time out exceeded’. Attached is the screenshot.


What are the ways to deliver an email for that? Instead of bot is not working further.

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@dm2007 In this case you include a screen capture in your catch block. So in case of runtime exceptions, the control will go to the catch block and you can log the error in a log file and also capture the screenshot & share it over an email.

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Thanks , is there any way to remove the screenshots from the community post. I have posted some snapshots but want to remove it

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I think, it is allowed to edit the reply only for sometime after posting it. Even I am unable to edit my previous replies. May be someone from AA managing the community portal help here. @Micah.Smith 

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Hi @dm2007

Could you please send an email to, including the link to the thread and specifying which screenshots you'd like to have removed? We'll  take care of it from the backend. Thank you!

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