I need to change community control room email address because my email is going to remove.

  • 21 June 2023
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An email address that I am using right now is a Private email address for community control room. I need to change that email address. Is there any support team who can help me over this?

5 replies

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Hi @RK 2021 ,

If you are not using the community A360 (Current account), over the period of time your account will be disabled automatically. So you can create new account with different email address.


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Thanks @Tamil Arasu10 I want those BOT too to be transferred on my other email address. Is it possible?

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It is possible, but you have to do it through the API. This still works last I checked:

How to import bots from Automation Anywhere Community Edition (

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@RK 2021 even if you don’t have access to the email you registered with, you can continue to use Community control room with existing email and password combinations, they don’t expire.

I created an extension which also has a feature to quickly copy scripts from one CR to another without export/import.
Bot Assistant

Open script you want to copy, launch extension > go to tools tab > click copy to clipboard


Open/create another task in another CR > Open Extension > Click on tools >Paste/replace the content in text area> Click Patch content

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Hi, has this been resolved? my company email will be deleted soon and i want to keep my bots from my community edition