How to Rename Attachment from Email?

  • 23 September 2023
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I have emails in a shared Outlook inbox with a single attachment each. 

I’m able to Loop through all of the unread emails, parse info from them into variables and then save a new folder for each based on that parsed data and save the attachment from the email in said folder. 

However, the attachments just come through with their default name, say IMG_023.JPG for example. 

Is there a way to rename those files while I am downloading them? 

I’ve thought to introduce an additional loop right after I save the file in the folder, to loop that new folder and then rename the file inside, but it seems far more efficient to rename at the time of initial file save if possible and not add another loop to my loop. 




3 replies

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Hello @MarshallW

I can think of  "When a new file is created" trigger event ..

Good luck


In my case when i am doing the same thing like…

  • Connect to EMAIL(POP3)
    • loop to all email:
      • some logic:
        •  Save email attechment(don’t overwrite)


say attechment name is “1 insurence Credit at 01122024.xlsx”


but the attechment name gets changes to in the downlods folder.



and soo on

but i need the default filenames. is there any options?

have anyone faced this issue. 

Please help. 

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we’ve had this same challenge - the current solution is to put the attachments into an ‘in’ folder.

then loop thru the files and rename them.  then go to the next email.

as far as i recall the attachment is named based on how it shows in the email.