how to create VLOOKUP and pivot table using community edition v21.23

  • 23 December 2022
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Hi Team,

I need to create automate VLOOKUP and pivot table of dynamic data using A360 community edition v21.23 there any command that can help me in the AA workbench.




3 replies

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Hi @kiranrtu ,


There are no direct approaches for creating Pivot table and performing VLOOKUP through A360 at the moment.


I could find a Bot from Bot store through which you can create Pivot table. It is actually supported 11.x platform. But you can try downloading to your local drive and migrate it to A360 supportable format through BOT Migrate package.

If I am correct, you can do VLOOKUP through inline scripts like Python or VB (Using Excel macros)

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Wish AA adds more excel capabilities 

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@Jay 9932  im creating a custom package that helps a lot using datatables to perform filters, formulas an others.