How do I extract text from a message bar when using "Recapture object with Microsoft UI automation (COM)?

  • 17 July 2023
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I am using the “Recapture object with Microsoft UI automation (COM)” feature to capture the message in a message bar while automating a remote desktop application. After capturing the object, I am selecting the “Get property” action to take on that object.

My goal is to read the text from the object which is a message bar that appears for some time and then disappears.

Which “Property name” do I need to select in order to get the message text, which I am then assigning to a variable?

Please help.



Ramesh Rangarajan

2 replies

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Hi @Ram 4045,

You can use the Property name Name, 

You can disable the Object Property Name as Highlighted below.

This will give you the desired result.


Kalicharan Venkatachalam

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HI @Charan 8761 ,

Thanks for your reply.

However, I did not understand what you meant by “disable the Object Property Name as Highlighted below.” Can you please elaborate?

I tried using the “Property name” → “Name”, but still after running my BOT, the extracted data reads as “Input Capture Window” and the actual text is not extracted.

Please advise.


Ramesh Rangarajan