hello. I'm curious.

  • 7 March 2024
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Hello, my name is Rose who is studying RPA in Korea.

I'm inquiring because I couldn't solve it while practicing A360.

If you look at the captured Excel
I want to find the value in red in sheet2 and fill the sheet3 table with the appropriate value, but I don't know how to use the loop or find it.
I want to know the loop, but it is difficult because there are not many lectures in Korean
I searched each item on the site and filled it up, but it's too long.

Can you tell me how to make it easier?

And I have another question.
If I search it directly on the site and set it to import the value in Excel, the value is entered vertically.
What is the reason?

Thank you.







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Hello Rose,
after opening your two excel advanced sheets from the action package, drag the loop action, for each row in your first excel advanced and assign the current loop record to a new variable (let's say rCurrentRecord).
in the second excel sheet, you can drag the action "Excel advanced: Set cell", " make a new number variable (default:2"to start from the second row", lets call it nCurrentRow) to loop through the second excel sheet cells(C and D), then use "specific cell" and insert C$nCurrentRow.Number:toString$, then at the cell value, insert your $rCurrentRecord[2]$ ”here index number 2 for the first red column”.
Repeat this action but change "use "specific cell" and insert D$nCurrentRow.Number:toString$", then at the cell value, insert your $rCurrentRecord[6]$ ”here index number 6 for the second red column”.
then drag "Number Increment" action and use the same $nCurrentRow$ variable in both source and destination variable.
If you need any other help, just let me know

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thank you

It's hard to understand because I see it in a Boseman translation as explained
It's stuck from the loop