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  • 20 February 2024
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getting the above error while create a folder in google drive


3 replies

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Request you to please check the api in google cloud console for google drive

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checked the api in google, but getting the same error message:
400 Bad Request POST { "error" : "invalid_grant", "error_description" : "Token has been expired or revoked." }

how can I reset the token?

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Hey @manognya.prasad , I have been facing exactly the same error and I think there is a bug in the current A360 package, I took an old project where I set up a Google connection and changed the package in my current bot with the older version (the same one that was in my old project Google Drive package: 2. 0.2-20210311-002614) and it works!!! so basically, if you don't have an older version, contact Automation Anywhere and they can provide you with at least the one I posted here and it should work until they fix the issue with the new version of the package.