'File:Copy' impossible

  • 7 February 2024
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Hi, I'm using a translator and I'm leaving a post because I have a question.

If the 'File: Copy' action is required to be performed within the Task that was previously performed, the task appears as a success, but the File is not copied.
However, creating that task in a completely new Task will make a good copy.

It was copied well in the previous Task,
It hasn't worked since File changed.
But since I only put 'File:Copy' in the new Task, it's weird that it's copied well..

If anyone knows how to make it work in the existing Task, I hope you can help me :(

4 replies

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Please provide a screenshot of your bot. Check if those lines are inner an IF,LOOP, or some conditional instruction

Check it  action using another location 



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Existing task may have different File package version. New task uses default package version which might be different and hence working.

Ensure you are using correct/updated file package version in existing task.

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Thank you for your help, @Raul Jaimes 

IF and LOOP are not included in the statement, and even the log behind it can be entered well, but only file copy is not allowed. It does not fall into the 'Catch' category.

When you specify a different folder path, it copies well.

However, if you put that task separately in a separate Task, it will copy well.



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Sounds weird. Place the action(s) File: Copy out from the Step action. Probably it doesn’t make sense but it is a test.

-Be sure you are using lastest version packages.

-Verify folder permissions

-Are you able to create any other folder ?


Let us know the results