Control room monitoring

  • 27 February 2024
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RPA developes has designed multiple bots to automate the tasks but there are challenges to monitor those bots.


The major challenge is how to monitor stuck jobs. We do not want any manual monitoring via control room. Any job is stuck it should email us sothat rpa developers could fix the issues.

We do not want any manual monitoring at all. would you be able to assist us.


1 reply

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We had the same observation early on in our enviroment as we deployed several production bots.  We discovered several situations where things get stuck without warning.   As a result we build 2 bots one downloads using api calls the audit and history logs details every 30 mins, its called the collector.  A second bot runs independently called the Monitor, and it checks for situations within the audit data that might be possible problems.  We are also looking at putting the collected data in a tool like splunk to handle the alerting 

For example:

check for bots with long runtimes (45+ mins). 

Check for large # of bots in the run/waiting queue -  we have some that run every 15 mins, so if we get more than 4 deep its a potential problem.  

One challenge with this operation?  its also dependent on bot runners so it executes from dev or qa envirnoments and collects stats for all enviroments.  its also dependent on the API key which expires every  45 days.