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  • 19 April 2022
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I have Community Edition. Trying to learn it a bit to see if my company should get it. But the last 2 days the bot keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. I have used this without issue for weeks. I have tried different devices. My internet is solid - according to all other apps. I put a ticket in - Case 01802085 - but it was immediately closed and I still cannot run a workflow. What can I do to get back up and running?


I checked the forum and they basically say that any AA 360 product (Community and apparently Enterprise) is know for this. That cannot be acceptable, can it? Even though we have AA v.11 I may have to advise to switch to another RPA tool if AA 360 is this unreliable.

1 reply

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I apologize for the delay in responding, I checked the case and found that it was closed by you, not by a support representative.


If you are still facing this issue please let me know so we can connect to fix this issue if possible.


Thank you,

Prabhakar Jha