Click action Issue never gets coords from screen

  • 2 August 2023
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I fellows, I getting and Issue with de Click action on Automation Anywhere 360.

When I need to record the screen to get the coords of the window this action never end, I see the click pointer and the box beside the pointer with coords on the screen but when I make the click this never send the coords to my Bot and keep the modal attached open end this never closed:

This issues happens with different developer users and different VMs.

1 reply

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Now this is happen to me with the Recorder Capture action, when I execute Capture button then I press on the screen or application the specific action needed but then A360 never gets the response on the panel and it keeps a modal waiting.


Something very interested it is that on new Bots this actions works fine but with another stable Bots that I used to development happens this issue.