Can we automate applications that exist on a remote desktop through VPN?

  • 6 July 2023
  • 3 replies

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I have a remote desktop application that I access using VPN. Is it possible to automate actions on that application using the Automation Anywhere Community Edition?

Please advise.


Ramesh Rangarajan

3 replies

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hello @Ram 4045 

you can try AIsense Recorder, it is mainly designed for rdp, citrix environment..

good luck

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Yeah @Ram 4045  you can automate remote desktop application VPN using Automation Anywhere community Edition But you need to get your remoter device connected to bot agent properly


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Hi @sannath.k ,

Thanks for your reply. Even though I am connected to the remote desktop through VPN, I am not able to see that device in the “Devices” screen of Automation Anywhere.

Any idea as to how I can connect my remote device to the Bot Agent?