Automation Anywhere\System file not found in repository in PUBLIC workspace error

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I have just started my learning through the Automation 360 development course and I am seeing this error while using Capture action under Recorder when I press the refresh button after selecting Application option under window on the right pane in the editor like many others have mentioned. I have checked all the threads and haven't got any solution for the issue. Please help.



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It doesn't look like there are any moderators from Automation Anywhere looking at this forum. There are about 10 - 12 people who have posted about this same issue and no one has responded. Not sure how they expect people to pay for software that doesn't work right out of the gate. I mean if the demonstration they are telling people to use as training doesn't work that's pretty pitiful....

This tool is a big joke really. I have tested using enterprise license on my work computer and it did not have this problem. I tried again on my personal laptop with community edition and it has a new problem now. The bot disconnects from control room every few seconds and gets stuck while trying to deploy automation to my computer. Seems like its plagued with bugs. How do they expect people to get trained in it, big disappointment.