Automating Outlook unread emails- rename downloaded attachment file

  • 14 January 2023
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Hello everyone,

I’m creating a bot to download the files from unread emails in outlook. I was able to assign the existing variables using the dictionary variable for email properties within the loop command, such as sender, subject, received date, etc..., but I was not able to assign a variable to the email attachment’s name. After assigning this variable, I will use the “Rename” action to rename the attachment file saved in the directory with the saved variables (emailReceivedDate, emailFrom, emailSubject).


Does anyone know how can I find the the email attachment’s name to assign to a variable?

3 replies

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Hi @Isis 4603 ,


It may not be the cleanest solution, but you could loop through the emails and save them to a directory. Later, loop through each file in the directory to retrieve the filename. Once you get the filenames, you can either keep those files or delete them.


Hope this will help.

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Thank you, but I still don’t know how can I assign the emailReceivedDate+emailReceivedTime+emailFrom to the name of the downloaded file.

I was planning to map a variable to the downloaded file so I could assign the information from the email to the file’s name.


Thank you.

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Did you ever have any luck in renaming the attachment? If so, how?