AS2 Protocol and Automation Anywhere 360

  • 20 March 2024
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Good afternoon,

Just to be sure, AA360 has integrated the protocol AS2 ? or a package/bot whcih use it ?

I have been looking for but I am unable to find any news about AS2 and AA360, or how I could use it.




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4 replies

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No, we don’t use that protocol. What I found about it online is that it is a very old protocol, developed in the early part of this century. If I’m completely off base, please reply with what you know about it and maybe I can help you on the right track.

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Hi,  to be honest I do not know when it was created, what I have from my customer is that it is a transfer protocol better than FTP / SFTP .

AS2 benefits:

  • End-to-end file encryption
  • Validation of file integrity with successful transfer confirmation (non-repudiation)
  • Ability to send or retrieve files of any size or volume

They could be the same, but they want this protocols in order to receive the EDI’s...

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That matches what I found. We don’t support that protocol.

It appears that AS2 is part of a group of protocols that are available.

If they have the client application, we may be able to automate it using regular functionality like Recorder: Capture, but direct connectivity at the time has not been built.

If you are an enterprise customer, you can request this functionality by sending a request to This assumes AS2/3/4 are open protocols that are well documented.

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Thks for your reply, I will scalate it and we will see.