How to run Javascript for browser and passing pass parameters in it only

  • 15 December 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I have a question and I am not getting any solution that is,

Is there any package in automation anywhere where we can run a javascript function activity for a Web Based application which can help me to fun javascript function and in that I can pass  parameters from the automation code.



3 replies

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Hi @yugal 786 


Have you checked Run JavaScript action? checkout below documentation and some conversations on the same topic.

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For parameters within Automation Anywhere, you may need to write a dynamic JavaScript file (using Log text to file) and execute it that way. There is no way that JavaScript can directly accept AA variables.



However, Automation Anywhere does support executing JavaScript code within its Automation Anywhere Web Control Room . This feature allows users to interact with web elements, execute JavaScript functions, and pass parameters to those functions using custom scripting capabilities. you will  achieve  the goal of running  java script and it will  help you to do better performance .yo get many  opportunity  in automation anywhere where you can run a java script function activity for a Web Based application .