Execution of Bot is slow(community edition )

  • 15 November 2023
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Automation Anywhere execution is slow and i am using the community edition.

-When i press “Run” command for a bot, it does not execute the script file quickly. 
(From Deploying on your computer to execution)​​​​​​​

-Does the speed of the computer affect the speed of execution of the script?

2 replies

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Yes, absolutely! The speed of your workstation affects execution of your script. Also other variables like how many programs you’re running at the same time, how much RAM you have, and how much free storage space. Also the deployment of the script to your computer is affected by the speed of your Internet connection.

For example, I have a very fast Internet connection and a very fast workstation (thanks, Automation Anywhere!) and scripts only take about 2-5 seconds to get started. Also know that as packages get cached on your local computer, that will reduce startup time. You can pre-cache some of the most common packages too.

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Hey @kesse 

Your internet speed for sure plays a role here… as does some other factors specific to Automation Anywhere. When an automation first runs, it downloads the components it needs to run that automation locally to your workstation. On subsequent runs of that (or similar automations) - it will check to see what it already has locally in order to run, and only download the new packages/updates that haven’t already been locally stored.

So you may see that the first time you run an automation with a new package/commands, it will take a bit longer to kick off than it does with subsequent runs.

Hope that helps!