Document Automation Assessment retake

  • 11 January 2024
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Hi team,

In the Document essentials we have an assessment. Is there anyway that we can retake the course and assessment from first after failing in 2 attempts of exam


Any assistance would be grateful

3 replies

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Hi @Hemanthavasanth ,


By default, you will be entitled with 2 free attempts. Since you have already availed those, I would recommend reaching out to the support team on below Mail ID for further assistance on this.

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Hi @Hemanthavasanth,

If you are not able to successfully clear the Q&A exam or the Bot development assignment after the allowed number of attempts, you need to retake the exam by paying the required fee. Please note that you need to wait for 30 days before you can take it again.

via below link, you can reach out the AA university team.

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Thanks all for your answers.

I got an update from A360 learning team stating that I need to wait for 15 days cooling period after which we should send email to where they will unlock the assessment

This is applicable for both community and enterprise email accounts