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What's New in the Automation Success Platform .31

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What's New in the Automation Success Platform .31


We’ve got some incredible new features with the release of Automation Success Platform .31! With this latest release, you’ll be able to produce intelligent, interoperable automations like never before.

As always, we’re listening to your feedback and working to provide the best product and solutions to meet your needs and allow you to harness the latest innovations in intelligent automation. Let's dive into the top 5 features of .31!

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators gives automation center-of-excellence leaders and developers the boost they've been looking for. Put generative AI to work for up to a 55% increase in productivity by using natural language to accelerate the build of your automations. Automation Co-Pilot for Automators will automatically create the code you need without having to drag and drop components onto the page. What’s more, as part of this “creation conversation,” Automation Co-Pilot will also suggest the next-best action to add to your automation to level it up beyond what you initially requested—like an auto-complete for your automation. All of this adds up to 55% faster development, 55% more automations, doubling your ROI.


Document Automation

Tired of the struggle to extract data from semi-structured invoices? Our latest Document Automation update helps you easily retrieve difficult-to-extract data, like tracking numbers. Watch the demo to see how a professional developer uses this generative AI-powered upgrade to automate finance department processes. Put intelligent document processing (IDP) to work today!


API Tasks

Are you struggling with slow and inefficient business processes? API Tasks is now available in the .31 release and can enhance speed, efficiency, and user experience. Get near real-time automation responses and significantly improve your business operations today with the latest Automation 360 release.


Comprehensive Automation Coverage for Citrix XenApps

With .31 the Automation Success Platform supports Citrix XenApp-powered virtualization of end-to-end automation infrastructure including virtualization of the control room. This enables our customers to achieve the necessary standardization and security by hosting the control room and business applications on a centralized Citrix server.


Enhanced Security for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Apps

With our OAuth2 centralized token management system, we offer a more secure way of authenticating your apps. Learn how our centralized token management system helps you meet IT and security compliances. Enhance your security posture today with Automation 360.


Available Now!

The Automation 360 .31 release is available now! Want to dive deep into the granular details of the .30 release? Access the full Release Notes here.


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