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Unlock AI-powered Automation With The New Google Vertex AI Bot Store Package

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Unlock AI-powered Automation With The New Google Vertex AI Bot Store Package

Earlier this month we announced Automation Anywhere’s expanded partnership with Google Cloud to bring together Generative AI and Intelligent Automation. Now, we’re here to let you know an all new Google Vertex AI Package is available for free in Bot Store! This state-of-the-art package brings the power of Google Vertex AI's advanced generative AI technology directly to your Automation Anywhere Control Room.

If you’re not familiar with Google Vertex AI—it’s a machine learning (ML) platform that enables developers to train and deploy ML models and AI applications. Vertex AI leverages Google’s large language models as a powerful generative AI interface in our vast Automation Command library.

Integration is as easy as downloading the package and following the quick install instructions. 

This package can revolutionize your task and process automation, and provides the ideal solution to optimize operations, save time, and elevate overall customer experience and satisfaction.

A few of its top capabilities are:

  • Drafting articles, news reports, dialogue, or summarizations of content
  • Building meaningful responses to user and customer inquiries
  • Provide a fully customizable prompt, and the model will generate the requested response

Even if you have no prior AI expertise, you can easily unlock the future of AI-powered automation by integrating the Google Vertex AI Automation Anywhere package into your environment. Don’t wait any longer to harness the potential of this cutting-edge tool in your automation program—get your own Google Vertex AI Package downloaded for free today!

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