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Plugging in to the Automation Anywhere Pathfinder Community

  • 22 February 2023
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Plugging in to the Automation Anywhere Pathfinder Community
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When embarking on something that’s new, it’s always helpful to surround yourself in a community of people who share common goals and who may be facing similar challenges. For that reason, its incredibly important to get yourself, and your team plugged in to the Automation Anywhere Pathfinder Community.


User Groups - Automation Leaders/CoE Managers


Connect with your peers and learn how they have successfully navigated real world automation program challenges to grow and scale. Each quarter the Automation Anywhere Pathfinder Community Team hosts a series of user group meetings that are centered on customer stories and peer knowledge exchange.


What are User Groups?

User groups connect people so that they can share strategies and best practices. They are typically centered around one commonality which can range from physical location, industry verticals, product areas, and more. For Automation Anywhere, we currently offer two user group meeting opportunities:

By Region:

  • US - East
  • US - West
  • US - Midwest
  • US - South Central
  • EMEA - Europe, Middle East, and Africa (this group is our largest and will be breaking into smaller groups in Q1)
  • Additional regions coming soon!

By Industry - Recently Launched:

  • Healthcare
  • Additional industries coming soon!

Note - the user group program grows each quarter both regionally and industry wise. If you don’t see an exact fit for you, join a meeting at a time that fits best for you. This will ensure you are kept in the loop on new program offerings!


How are Automation Anywhere User Group Meetings Structured?


Bring your lunch and join the conversation! All meetings are currently virtual, 45 minutes in length, and typically hosted around the lunch hour time period. Each meeting centers on an interactive customer presentation and open collaboration - say hello to new friends, share your perspective via poll questions, engage in active Q&A, openly share your strategies, and more.

As a bonus, user groups also host special and exclusive meetings with Automation Anywhere product leaders. This is your opportunity to not only be one of the first to know what’s coming product wise but also to use your voice to impact product development and the roadmap.


Benefits of The Automation Anywhere User Group Program

  • Build an extensive professional network of leaders - connect with collaborative partners across all areas of business and industries!
  • Be inspired and learn new tactics - ready, set, innovate!
  • Stay up to date on the latest product and industry trends - hear what your peers are doing and directly engage with Automation Anywhere product leaders!


Ready to Get Plugged In?

Visit our Automation Anywhere User Group Headquarters to RSVP for an upcoming event. Be sure to extend the invite! There is nothing like a post meeting debrief with peers to further optimize the experience. For any questions about the Automation Anywhere User Group program, reach out to our Automation Anywhere Community Team at


Developer Meetups - Automation Leads, Developer Leads, Developers


Just like everyone else, developers need a way to stay up to date with new Automation Anywhere platform capabilities, as well as see some interesting demos of solutions that others in the community have created. One of the best ways to do that is by plugging in to one of Automation Anywhere’s Developer Meetup groups.


What are Meetup Groups?

Meetup is social media platform for organizing in-person and virtual activities, gatherings, and events for people and communities of similar interests. Automation Anywhere currently has 6 Meetup Groups in the Asia Pacific Region (though currently Meetup’s have been primarily online - meeting in a time zone that also works for the US/EMEA).


How Are Meetings Structured?


Meetings are held bi-monthly and typically last for 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Most meetings are focused on exploring and demoing a particular topic - with live demos/builds happening throughout the session. Where possible, we also aim to make sure that the code used in the demo session is made available for all developers afterward - to re-create/explore the content in greater depth.

Because social interaction is one of the best ways we all learn, each session features a live Question and Answer session - moderated by the presenter and host.


Ready to Get Plugged In?


Hit any of the links above to register (free) for one of our Meetups and you’ll be notified when we’ll be hosting our next session. Outside of one of those areas? No problem, you can still register for the group. We also promote each session on our Events page.

Conclusion & Actionable Takeaways


You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to establishing, running, and scaling your automation program. Beyond working with your Automation Anywhere Account Manager and Customer Success Manager, there are some very valuable resources that are freely available to Automation Anywhere customers as they look to engage with other members of the Pathfinder Community. Make use of all of these resources - even if you aren’t “brand new” to running automation programs, the insights and stories shared in these communities can either validate the the things your automation program is already doing well, or reveal some areas of opportunity. 

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Register for an Automation Anywhere User Group
    • The sessions are short, engaging, and live. They are a great way to hear from your peers, and may be an energizing force that your automation program needs to look at a challenge from a new perspective.
  • Join A Meetup Group
    • Meetup Groups dive deep into technical topics and frequently feature demo’ along with hands-on code giveaways. They are a great way to learn about the newest Automation Anywhere platform capabilities, and can help with new approaches for solving problems.
  • Engage in the Pathfinder Community
    • The Pathfinder Community is the 24x7 community resource that enables you to connect with peers, ask and answer questions, and benefit from the questions and answers others post. This is a great first stop when thinking about trying out a new approach or facing a problem.

Whether you’re a developer, an automation lead, a business analyst, or somewhere in between all of these roles, there’s a place for you to meet your peers, learn from the successes of others, avoid program pitfalls, and understand how to better scale your automation initiatives.

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