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Creating Custom Packages

  • 7 July 2020
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One of the best features of Automation 360 is the ability to create (and independently upgrade) custom packages. In this learning experience, we’ll dive into the basics of custom packages, learn how to use the package SDK, and uncover some best practices for package development. Packages in Automation 360 are Java Archive (JAR) files that contain the actions available to bot builders in the Control Room Action Panel. The modular design of packages in Automation 360 is a huge benefit to organizations and developers because it allows for packages to be installed, upgraded, and referenced in bot builds without impacting prior versions of the package, which may be currently used in existing bots. Best of all, developers can create their own custom packages to supplement the default packages installed in the Automation 360 Control Room. Organizations can create packages that can interface with their own internal web services, consume 3rd party services/cognitive capabilities, or perform advanced/customized data manipulations. Going beyond development, once developers install the package, everyone else in the control room can use these packages within their own bot builds. Bot builders of all experience levels can leverage these custom packages’ advanced functionality to meet the needs of different automation opportunities.


To Do


Download the latest version of the Package Software Development Kit (SDK).


  • Install Java SDK 11 and IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse IDE.

  • Note the tutorials below use IntelliJ, however if you already have the Java SDK and a Java IDE of your choice installed, you can skip those installs.


Learn the components of a package by following along in this Imagine Digital session with Rajendra Vijay.


Following along with the ‘Build and Test a Custom Package Tutorial’ to learn to build a custom package which converts between metric and imperial measuring systems.




Packages offer organizations maximum flexibility in the way they create reusable components that can be used across multiple bots. They can be custom-built or downloaded from the Bot Store. They are modular. Developers can update them independently and maintain version controls without worrying that upgrading a package would impact bots built off of a previous version of the same package. In addition to creating your own custom packages, check out the packages available for download in the Bot Store - a great resource for finding reusable bots and packages to accelerate the bot building process.




Video Tutorial

How to Update a Package in Automation 360


Bots / Packages

Pre-Built Packages on Bot Store


Reference Items

Managing Packages in Automation 360



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