Bot Games Season 4 Generative AI Edition Solution Tutorial Challenge #2

  • 11 May 2023
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Bot Games Season 4 Generative AI Edition Solution Tutorial Challenge #2
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Challenge Page Tutorial -Shipment Processing

If you're interested in learning about automation development, the Bot Games Challenge Pages are a great place to start.

Have you tried the Shipment Processing Challenge yet? If so, great job! If not, don't worry - we're here to help you get started.

To help you succeed, we've put together a step-by-step video guide for how to solve this challenge, along with some useful tips to help you automate this use case. Additionally, we're providing some pointers below to help you increase your efficiency and finish the challenge as quickly as possible.

Don't be intimidated by this challenge! With a little bit of practice, you'll be able to automate the shipment processing use case in no time.

Here is the link to the Shipment Processing Challenge Intro Page with full details.

Challenge page:

OpenAI Generative AI Package


This cutting-edge package brings the power of OpenAI's advanced generative AI technology directly to the Automation Success Platform. It functions with GPT-4, ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo, and GPT-3 models with both OpenAI and Microsoft Azure service providers. Check out this link to learn more about the package and its capabilities.

JSON package


This package can help extract the required information from JSON text or files and use the extracted values in your automations. Check out this link to learn more about the package.

Recorder Package


With this package, you can interact with both browsers and windows applications. The package can work with multiple browsers in the same automation and can differentiate between multiple web applications based on the window titles.

Alternative Solutions

  • Retrieve a list of all the state names in the United States simultaneously from ChatGPT at once. This can prevent the need for multiple calls to ChatGPT. Although, response time may vary, especially for larger lists, since state names are only needed for six state codes.
  • By extracting all the PO numbers at once, you can minimize the need to switch between applications repeatedly. This can lead to a more efficient workflow and save valuable time.
  • Use a Bot Store package:
    • There are several helpful packages in Bot Store that enable developers to automate processes more quickly. One in particular that may be of value to this exercise is the Web Automation Package. This package uses Selenium to automate web interfaces and enables developers to quickly read/modify objects on a webpage. If you're not familiar with this package, check out this helpful Bot Store spotlight video demonstrating how it can be used to solve one of the challenges.
  • Try ‘Run Javascript’ action to identify the number of tables (orders) on the challenge page instead of hard-coding the value as 6.
  • Use JSON Parser Package - This package provides actions to convert a JSON string into a dictionary variable and a dictionary variable into a JSON string.




While Generative AI is often touted as a solution for complex problems, its potential goes beyond that. The technology has shown great promise in simplifying routine tasks, streamlining processes, and improving efficiency. One example of this is using Generative AI to refine and perfect data that we already have. By automating these mundane tasks, businesses can free up time and resources to focus on other areas of their operations, such as strategy and innovation.

As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more applications of Generative AI to optimize workflows, reduce errors, and drive greater success. By embracing these advancements, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and continue to innovate and grow.

Building automations is not only practical, but also enjoyable. One of the fascinating things about automating tasks is discovering the different approaches to solving the same problem. You can experiment with various packages or actions to complete the task and observe how these changes affect the automation's processing time, accuracy, and stability.

The process of creating an automation can be an insightful learning experience. Through trial and error, you can find innovative ways to solve the same problem, which can lead to greater efficiency and productivity in your work. Moreover, experimenting with different approaches can help you develop a deeper understanding of the tools and technologies with which you are working.

If you found this session useful, make sure to return next Monday (May 15th) when our new monster "Resiliency Challenge" will be launched.

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