Automation Anywhere 2021 A-Lister Program

  • 4 February 2021
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Automation Anywhere 2021 A-Lister Program

The A-Lister program at Automation Anywhere is for developers and advocates who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and engagement on the Automation Anywhere platform and with RPA developer communities. This program is not just about who has the most development experience. It's about identifying and recognizing passionate thought leaders who love building automations, want to share their stories with others, and engage with the Automation Anywhere developer/customer community.

In this post, we'll break down what it means to be an A-Lister, the benefits of the A-Lister program, and how you can apply to become a 2021 Automation Anywhere A-Lister!

Program Description

The A-Lister program exists to recognize individuals who are technical customer advocates and influencers in the Automation Anywhere RPA community.

  • Applicants can apply to be an A-Lister via the form at the bottom of this page - which lets the Automation Anywhere community management team get to know the applicants a bit better

  • Membership in the A-Lister program is good for the period of 1 year, at which point applications for membership are opened again

    • At the end of the program term, existing A-Listers may re-apply should they want to continue in the program

  • Applicants are selected based on their presence/engagement in RPA related discussions on social media/Medium/YouTube/personal blog, and contributions to the Automation Anywhere aPeople forum.

A-Lister Program Benefits

  • Recognition: Be recognized as an Automation Anywhere Most Valuable Professional with your bio and headshot prominently featured on the Automation Anywhere webpage.

    • Great item to have on your resume as well!

  • Welcome Gift: Show off you’re A-Lister status in A-Lister exclusive welcome gift swag as well as opportunities to earn more swag through consistent program contributions. Literally, almost no one inside or outside the company has these welcome gifts, so you're sure to be uniquely recognized.

  • Private Community: Share ideas, give/get help on build challenges, and engage with expert bot builders in the A-Listers private Slack Channel moderated by the Automation Anywhere Developer Evangelist team.

  • Early Access: Build and test on the newest platform capabilities with full access to a private A-Listers Enterprise A2019 Cloud environment with full licensing.

  • Product Feedback: Engage with our product teams, design teams, and Automation Anywhere leadership team to help shape the direction of the platform.

  • Personal Brand Building: Demonstrate your experience and show your work by submitting tutorials, articles, and content for the Developer Portal – all attributed to you/your organization and promoted through our social channels.

    • Grow your brand with coaching from our Social team on creating engaging RPA content, developing an audience, and best practices for sharing on different social channels.

  • Speaking Opportunities: Establish yourself as a thought leader in the RPA space through participation in case studies, opportunities to speak at Automation Anywhere conference events, or the chance to present at customer summits.

A-Lister Participation Expectations

  • Program Contributions: Each A-Lister is required to submit a minimum of 7 program contributions per year. Because each A-Lister is unique, these contributions can come in the form of any of the following:

    • Speaking at a customer event/Imagine*/Automation Anywhere Meetup

    • Contributing a tutorial/article/blog post to the Developer Portal

      • Developer Portal content is obviously attributed to the submitter with links to their social profiles
    • Creating a video to share on the Automation Anywhere YouTube Channel*

      • Again, properly attributed to the original author with links to your social/content
    • Participating in a customer reference call to another potential customer

    • Top 10 contributor of aPeople for the month

    • Bot Store bot or package submission

    • Participation in an Automation Anywhere case study
  • Social Engagement: A-Lister participation is also about sharing the benefits of RPA with your audience

    • Minimum 2x month share an Automation Anywhere piece of content (provided)

      • Additional sharing of Automation Anywhere content, as well as your own RPA related content, is strongly encouraged.

  • Monthly A-Listers Sync Up: Attendance at our monthly A-Listers call, designed to:

    • Check-in with all members of the program

    • Share/view product demos

    • Meet with product teams for focused feedback/ideation sessions

    • Interact with company leaders to discuss thought leadership as well as RPA and surrounding technical concepts.

    • Every A-Lister is expected to present at least once during our ALister monthly call - best practices, doing a demo of something they’ve recently built, a review of a bot/package they've been using, etc

    • Note: Expected attendance of 80% or greater as we want A-Listers who are energetic and engaged

      • Timing for these meetings will be established once the group has been formed to ensure we can have them at times that work across different time zones

*Not every A-Lister is guaranteed a speaking opportunity at Imagine or a video listed on the organization's YouTube channel. It would be a case by case basis based on the demonstrated communication capabilities of the individual and the need for additional content.

How to Apply

If this sounds like a program you would be a great fit for - what are you waiting for!?!? Apply now! Applications for the 2021 A-Lister program will be accepted from 8AM ET (1PM GMT) February 4th, 2021 until 8PM (1AM GMT) ET February 19th, 2021. After a review of the A-Lister applications, our Community Management team may set up interview calls to get to know some of the candidates a bit better before making any final decisions. Announcements for the 2021 A-Lister program will go out on the Automation Anywhere social channels the week of March 1st, 2021.


2021 A-Lister Application Form Has Now Closed


Stay tuned for the announcement related to the 2021 A-Listers Go be great!

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