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Getting Started with Automation Co-Pilot for Automators

  • 13 February 2024
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Getting Started with Automation Co-Pilot for Automators
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Pathfinder Community Getting Started Guides are part of our ongoing Product Club program. Join us for a monthly deep dive with your product leaders on a feature of the Automation Success platform. RSVP for the next meeting here!


Automation Co-Pilot for Automators gives developers an AI-powered automation assistant.

With these new capabilities, developers can use AI to:

  • Build automations quickly with natural language processing. Simply describe the automation goals to Co-Pilot and it will transform ideas into automations to speed up the development lifecycle.
  • Auto-complete automations. Get AI-driven, real-time suggestions for the next logical steps in the automation workflow, helping developers of all levels create automations faster and more efficiently.


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Automation Co-Pilot for Automators


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Getting started with Automation Co-Pilot for Automators

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