Meet MVP Luke Keenan, CEO and Founder at Intelligent Automation Consulting

Meet MVP Luke Keenan, CEO and Founder at Intelligent Automation Consulting
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You’ve seen them quite often around the Pathfinder-verse, heard them speak at events or virtual meetings, maybe even dialogued with them in a forum thread—they’re our Most Valuable Pathfinders! They are the spark keeping the Pathfinder Community ablaze, so it was about time we took a beat to really get to know each one of our MVPs better and share their unique stories with you!

So without further ado, let’s get to know…



Luke Keenan


The Basics

  • Years of Automation Experience: 10 years
  • Current Company: Intelligent Automation Consulting
  • Official Title: CEO & Founder

But this is how Luke would actually describe what he does: We build software robots for Automation Anywhere seven days a week.

  • Biggest Professional Achievement to date: Luke has many accomplishments to be proud of, for sure. But, his most significant achievement, without hesitation, is setting up the city of Seattle’s automation program from scratch. When Luke and his team were engaged, the city had no RPA available whatsoever. He implemented the Automation Anywhere platform, built a team of 30 developers, and deployed 60 automations in just 18 months!


Five Fun Facts

  • His birthday is December 12
  • His favorite movie is Interstellar
  • If he could have any super power, he’s want to fly at super speed
  • The most adventurous thing he’s done (and will do again this year) is skiing in Japan
  • Aside from traveling back to Japan this year, he’d love to spend time relaxing on a boat in the Bahamas or Maldives


Expertise / Specializations

Luke didn’t become a successful Founder and CEO of an intelligent automation consultancy without serious technical chops. Since generative AI has been on the scene, he’s become particularly skilled at prompt engineering with ChatGPT, which has been hugely transformative for his clients. To further develop his generative AI skills, Luke is learning to leverage generative AI to make existing automations smarter, enabling his team to speed up development and fortify their automations.

If Luke had one piece of advice for someone new to automation it would be:

“Start small. Get your first few automations off the ground before tackling bigger projects. Then, prioritize building a relationship with a C-suite partner who can champion and fund your efforts.”


Luke in the Community

When it comes to connecting with peers and networking, you can find Luke actively participating in groups on Linkedin, RPA forums on Reddit, and on the pulse of Twitter (read: X) conversations around automation.

As one of our veteran MVPs, Luke has enjoyed being at the forefront of Automation Anywhere’s beta releases, especially lately with the stacked roadmap of exciting generative AI updates.

What’s Next for Luke

Luke is chasing some strategic goals for his business this year. One big goal, in particular, is to acquire a multi-year contract client that would provide for one or more contracted developers full-time.

Thank you, Luke, for letting us all get to know you better. And thank you for your continued contributions to our Pathfinder Community!

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