Challenge Page Intro: Human Resources

  • 16 August 2021
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Challenge Page Intro: Human Resources

Bot Wars Week 3 is upon us! Sincere thank you to everyone who's been posting their processing times/solutions on social media. It's been awesome to see the Automation Anywhere developer community sharing tips, recognizing each other's accomplishments, and exploring new ways to solve problems. Keep it up! It's how we all learn, it's how we all improve!

Up to this point, most everything has been about web scraping only...this week, we're going to look at a couple of new sources for data…


Watch the intro video above (or read the rules below) and check out the challenge page to get started!

Challenge Objective

Your company has decided to consolidate all of its employee data into the Busy Bees Resource Management platform. All employee data is currently split between multiple systems: a windows legacy thick client app and an HR Onboarding system with an easy-to-use API. Build a bot that's able to consolidate the data from these systems and fill all employee data into the Busy Bees web form for the randomly provided Employee ID. Successfully submit employee data for all 10 employees and you've successfully completed the challenge!


No pre-caching of employee data! Your bot must use the Windows thick client app & onboarding API to pull data for each employee as the employee ID is provided by the Busy Bees Web App. Pre-caching of employee data wouldn't be a realistic solution to a similar real-business problem, so it won't be considered a good solution here either.

Sharing Your Results

Once you've successfully completed the challenge, share a screenshot of your results on social using the hashtags #BotGames and #RPAugust and tag 3 other RPA developers who you challenge to complete this exercise. We want to celebrate your accomplishment as well, so our social team will be looking for individuals who share their results on social media (and tag/challenge others) throughout the month of August to reward them with limited edition Bot Games swag. So complete and share your results for each week's challenge to increase your chances of being selected.


This is another fun challenge to take on, and one that you'll likely find is similar to use cases you may be asked to automate at work (in or outside of the Human Resources space). It's also very likely that some of you haven't used APIs before - and that's ok! This is a super easy API endpoint to get started with and will be good practice for parsing the response from a REST web service. (Hint: if you get stuck on using the REST Web Service package, check out this page from the documentation portal!)

Finally, if you tried it and are getting stuck, don't worry, we'll be back on Thursday with a challenge page tutorial session where we'll be doing a full bot build to demonstrate one of the ways to solve this challenge. Best of luck! Go Be Great!

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