Bot Games Season 2: Quarter Close Intro

  • 11 April 2022
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Challenge Objective


We know how hard our finance teams work during the monthly/quarter/year-end closing period and analyzing the kind of work they do; we have come across the process of transactions review across multiple systems takes up a lot of their time. In this challenge, we are focusing on one such popular use case called “Quarter Close”. Create a bot that can review all the transactions displayed on the challenge page and for each of these transactions, find the matching transaction in the banking application. If a match is found, mark the transaction as 'Verified'. If no match is found, mark the transaction as 'Unverified' so that the finance team can dig into this transaction further. Update the status for all the transactions on the page and Submit to complete the challenge.


Challenge Link:




Transactions are randomized every time you load the challenge page, so make sure the transactions are read from the live page before you look for a matching transaction in the banking application.


When you complete the challenge, a GUID will show up at the bottom of the results modal. Copy and save the GUID’s for your best run-times…you’ll be able to use these later on during Bot Games Season 2!!!




You are expected to launch the banking application from the challenge page and then login to the banking app. Also, do not cache the transaction details from the banking application since that’s not how it is done in the production environment, and we want to mimic a similar experience for this challenge.


Sharing Your Results


Once you’ve successfully completed the challenge, share a screenshot of your results on social using the hashtags #BotGames and tag 3 other RPA developers who you challenge to complete this exercise. We want to celebrate your accomplishment as well, so our social team will be looking for individuals who share their results on social media (and tag/challenge others) throughout the month of April to reward them with limited edition Bot Games swag. So complete each challenge and share your results for each week’s challenge to increase your chances of being selected.




Quarter close is a popular use case in the world of RPA. I am sure a lot of you would have come across some variant of this use case. Like all our challenge pages, there’s more than one way to solve this – so even if you build it in a certain way, play around with different approaches to see how that impacts the reliability of your bot and the outcomes it can achieve.


Finally, if you tried this challenge and are getting stuck, don’t worry! We’ll be back on Thursday with a challenge page tutorial session where we’ll be doing a full bot build to demonstrate one of the ways to solve this challenge. Best of luck! Go Be Great!

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Link of the solution :