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  • 30 September 2022
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The de facto standard for training - and the best place to get started if you're brand new to Automation Anywhere - is Automation Anywhere University. There, you can find easy-to-absorb courses, learning trails, and persona-specific educational content.


If, however, you find that you've completed most everything there, and you are looking for the best path forward to continue on your learning journey - then this Automation Anywhere Training Booster Pack is a perfect fit.


Below, you'll find a collection of our favorite tutorials, challenges, and blog posts that will turn you from Clark Kent to Superman in no time.  There are 2 ways to consume the content from this list:


  1. Make it a Learning Journey - The tutorials and content get progressively more advanced as you continue down the taken in a journey style (first to last), will enable you to progressively enhance your skills and pick up new capabilities.
  2. Topical Progression - It may be that you need to pick up capabilities in a specific area - how to parse a JSON, or how to create a custom package. If this is you, you may find that browsing around to find the topic's you're most interested in is a better approach for consuming the content.

Either way - make the learning fun!


We've mixed in a good number of RPA challenge pages along the way which will give you the opportunity to test your skills and see how you can solve real problems with the skills you've learned. (Don't worry, we have an included tutorial for each if you get stuck or want to compare your approach to ours). Keep learning, keep growing! Go Be Great!  


Title/Link Description Tutorial (if applicable) Concepts Learned
Online Grocery Ordering Challenge Learning to interact with web objects and local data sources is key to being a successful RPA developer. Download the grocery list and add each item to the shopping app before submitting your order. This challenge is tracked for time and accuracy, so make modifications to the way you solve it to see what impact it has on your final outcome. Tutorial Working with CSVs, looping, text fields, radio buttons, and form submission
Error Handling Basics Just like a rock climber (hopefully) uses ropes to prevent themselves from falling, bots can and should use Error handling so they can gracefully handle errors. In this tutorial, we'll look at the basics of applying error handling to your Automations   Error Handling Package
Message Decoder Challenge Automations will commonly make use of more than one application. In this challenge, a “hidden” message is provided in Bulgarian. Have a bot extract the hidden message, open up a language translation app, and enter the translated data into the form before submitting   Working with multiple web apps at once
Customer Onboarding Front Office Challenge Almost all bots require key problem-solving concepts of sequence, selection, and repetition. In this challenge, you'll need to download a CSV, and enter each row into the customer onboarding web form. Once all entries are complete, you'll see your final score for accuracy and speed. Challenge Page Tutorial   Looping, conditional statements, CSVs, multiple web form entries
How to Use the Debug Tool When bots aren't working as expected, it helps to be able to see exactly how variables are being set and what the bot is doing. In this tutorial, we'll look at using the debug tool to debug your bots, watch variables, and get to the root cause of issues   Debug Tool, Bot Debugging
Auction Sniper Challenge Bots can be fun too. Learn how to apply concepts of repetition and conditional statements to build a bot that can snipe an auction at the last minute. Bid too early and you might get outbid! Challenge Page Tutorial Looping, Conditional statements, delays, timing, making adjustment to fine tune a bot
Building a Bot to Run Inline Python You can easily extend the capabilities of Automation 360 through the use of scripting languages like Python, JavaScript, and VBScript. In this tutorial, we'll be adding some inline python script to a bot to understand how it can execute, and how we use it to return data   Inline Python Script
Purchase Order Updates - Supply Chain It's common that a bot will need to interface with multiple applications - switching between each for processing. In this challenge, build a bot that can look up details for each of the provided purchase orders before submitting. Challenge Page Tutorial  Working with multiple apps, Excel lookups, excel data extraction, html table extraction
Excel as a Database If you're dealing with a huge - but well formatted - Excel spreadsheet, it may be faster to connect to it as a Database as opposed to trying to loop through its rows to find data. In this tutorial, we'll look at how to connect to an Excel Spreadsheet as a DB to perform operations   Database Package, Excel
Advanced String Manipulation The String Package in Automation 360 is super powerful, and actually quite easy to use. In this tutorial, we'll look at how you can use some of its String Manipulation capabilities to extract and manipulate text.   String Package, Data Extraction
Working with APIs in Automation 360 Curious how to use the REST package in Automation 360 to interface with RESTful Web Services (APIs)? In this meetup, we'll discuss how to use all 5 REST actions - GET, POST, PATCH, PUT, and DELETE   REST Web Services Package, APIs
Using the JSON Package JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a commonly used format for transferring data in an easily digestible way. In this tutorial, we'll look at how you can use to JSON package to parse data from JSON - either as a response from a REST API or a configuration file   JSON Package, REST Package
Employee Data Migration - Human Resources Migrating data from one application to another is a common automation use case - especially when it comes time for application retirement. In this challenge, you'll need to merge some data from a windows thick client app along with data from an API into the Busy Bees HR management app. Challenge Page Tutorial Windows thick client applications, API calls, JSON Parsing, web form data entry
Intro To the Control Room API There are a ton of capabilities that developers have for integrating Automation Anywhere with other applications through the use of the Automation Anywhere Control Room API. In this intro to the Control Room API Tutorial, we'll take a look at the basics of connecting to your Control Room's API using Postman   Control Room API, Postman
Triggering Bots Using the Control Room API Connecting to the Control Room API is good, and Running Bots using the Control Room API is great! Learn how you can deploy your bots using the Control Room API.   Control Room API, Postman, Integrating with other applications
Using the Credential Vault Did you know you can safely and securely store AND retrieve values using the Automation Anywhere Control Room? Learn how the Control Room's Credential Vault can enable your bots to leverage securely stored values (credentials, server share paths, email addresses, etc).   Credential Vault
Using JavaScript Within a Bot Bots can do more than just run actions from existing packages - In this tutorial, we'll look at how to leverage JavaScript from within a bot to calculate our bot's total runtime.   JavaScript Package
Full Bot Build: RSS Feed Reader Bots that can build their own webpage? In this tutorial, we'll look at building a bot from scratch that can build its own webpage from an RSS feed. Tutorial XML Package, REST package, String Package, Saving Files
Advanced Error Handling You know the basics, time to learn about some advanced approaches to error handling that may help in situations where a bot is failing but could recover from an application that isn't responding as quickly as expected   Advanced Error Handling Concepts, Error Handling Package, If Package
Quarter Close Process - Finance In this challenge page, you'll need to once again work between multiple web applications - in this case, to help out the finance team with the quarter close process. For each transaction listed, perform a lookup in the corresponding banking app to validate if the transaction is valid/cleared. Challenge Page Tutorial Looking up data across applications, matching data based on multiple datapoints
JavaScript Injection: Using Browser Run JavaScript Did you know you can inject JavaScript into a page and execute it? In this tutorial, we'll look at using the Browser package to inject javascript into a package and execute it   Browser Package, Run JavaScript, JavaScript Injection
PDF Utilities Package You may find yourself needing to work with files, in this Bot Store spotlight, we'll look at how to use the PDF Utilities package to make modifications to a PDF   Bot Store, PDF Utilites Package
Invoice Processing - Accounts Payable Beyond automating data entry and navigating through an application, some automation use cases require the processing of documents. In this challenge, help the accounts payable department by downloading a zip file of invoices for processing, data entry, and upload Intro Challenge Page Tutorial  IQ Bot, Invoice Processing, File Uploads, Data entry
Web Automation Package Bot Store Spotlight - One of the most popular Bot Store packages is the Web Automation Package. Leveraging Selenium as opposed to Automation Anywhere's own browser extension, this package enables you to quickly navigate through web applications leveraging JavaScript with a large number of actions   Bot Store, Web Automation Package
Cyber Loss Prevention - Cyber Security  The impact of data leaks can be massive - especially for financial institutions. In this challenge, we'll be helping the cyber security team identify customer data that may have been leaked in a recent data-dump for the purposes of trying to proactively close/reissue cards before fraudulent charges occur. Intro Challenge Page Tutorial Database Package, Database lookups, data tables, html tables, pagination, looping, conditional statements, writing to csv, file upload
Intro to Package Development: Machine Setup Ready to build your own custom package? In this intro, we'll look at getting your machine and IDE set up and ready to build out a custom package.   Machine setup for package development
Build Your First Package Building custom packages enables you to extend the capabilities of Automation Anywhere's base package set and create packages that do/connect to anything you want. In this tutorial, we'll look at building out our first custom package with a single action - as well as how to deploy and use it. Tutorial Package Development, Java, Package Deployment, Package Build Process

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