Autoamtion Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional (Automation 360) – 2023

  • 15 March 2023
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Dear Support Team,


I took and completed the Certified Advanced RPA Professional (Automation 360) exam, It shows I passed but there is no certificate generated but instead the course will still let me to take the exam, I re-took the exam and still pass, however there still a message to continue the exam and there is no certificate provided.


Anyone can check on this?


6 replies

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Here are other screenshot


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Lastly, here is what it’s showing when I go to the exam


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@Kevin Mark Cariaga 

Kindly check the site Log In with your account or subscribe on it


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@Raul Jaimes Thank you, but unfortunately the certificate I am looking for is not there :( 


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Hi @Kevin Mark Cariaga - so great to meet you and congratulations on your achievement!

We have a dedicated AAU Support Team ready to help you out - please complete the support form on this page -

Badge +1 Thank you for your reply! I already submitted the form yesterday evening around 6:00 to 6:30 UTC +8. Would you be able to check on that or I really need to submit one again?