Bot Games Season 2: Week 2 Livestream

  • 8 April 2022
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We'll be capping off week 2 of Bot Games Season 2 with a live stream! Join us at 8:30PM IST/11AM ET/8AM PT for an engaging live stream being multi-cast across YouTube as well as all of our social media platforms. The best news? It's going to be super interactive regardless of platform. Head to once the live stream kicks off for interactive surveys/chats as interact with the Automation Anywhere developer community.


Discussion Topics for This Week:


  • Quarter Close Challenge Tips and Gotchas
  • Shoutouts and swag to some of our most engaged community members!
    • What are those GUIDs for and where can you use them?!?!
  • Preview for #BotGames week 3 content

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