Control Type is disabled from Capture

We have a desktop application that has treeview on the left side for navigation. When tried to capture , control type as CLIENT is detected. Control Type property is disabled. is there any way to enable control type so that we can change it to treeview control.

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Ok. Is there any way I can create control type Treeview like we used to do in older version by object cloning

we dont want to depend upon other tools to find ID of the controls going forward.

its a problem with AA at the first place why it is not recognizing a tree view as treeview control at the first place.


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Hi @Kamal Goyal​ ,


Could you please share the screenshot of the properties window?

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Unfortunately, you can't change the control Type which is selected AA itself based on the applications

the workaround that we found is, capture a normal treeview ( created in Visula studio) and then change the window name and ID then it selects nodes in the same treeview and same application .

the problem still is that we don't know the ID until we capture it any help will appreciated .


can you please advise what are our options

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Please give try to record the steps and execute the task.


Have tried the AI sense Recorder to capture the tree view?



Yes I tried AI sense but it works with image and not easy to handle expand and collapse of the treeview as it is based on area and its very slow .

Even with recording , it captures as client not as treeview control.

Having a tough time to deal with