AA11 task running on AA2019

Hi team

ii have developed some atmx task in AA version 11, but now the team has upgrade AA to

version 2019, so the old atmx task need to develop once more?

is there any way to run atmx task directly in AA 2019?

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Hello @wang huadong​ , atmx files are not compatible with A360. You need to migrate your v11 bots to A360 using the migration wizard. Follow the article below.

Bot Migration Wizard (

sorry sajith

the yutube audio is not accessable in current network, can you show some other docment with image about it?

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Please check this link.

hi sajith

after an .atmx task be migrated to AA2019 file, what format it is?

if i want to continue coding it in AA2019 control room, is it possible?

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Hello @wang huadong​ ,

Bot files will be in jason format in A360. Yes, you may login to Control Room with an account that has a Developer license and continue to make code changes.