Automate or Display Weekdays like Sunday Monday

  • 21 January 2023
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Is it possible to display weekdays validation using A360 BOT., I mean in a calendar take one date for example take date 21-01-2023 - Saturday, using this date how can we validate 21-01-2023 is Saturday or Not? Please suggest logic.


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6 replies

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@CHAKRI 3011  here is the bot for weekday calculator



  • Verifies that the value in the clipboard is a date
  • Task runs a script to calculate the day of the week from the date
  • Once the task is completed, sets the day of the week to the clipboard

(1) Run 'What day of the week' Bot from your Bot using the 'Run task' command.
(2) However, please set the date on the clipboard in the following format in advance. Year.Month.Day
Example: 2020.03.08 or 2020.3.08 or 2020.03.8 or 2020.3.8

(1) Calculates the day of the week from the value set in the clipboard.
(2) Set the result on the clipboard.
(3) The result is returned as a numerical value.
・ Sunday: 1
・ Monday: 2
・ Tuesday: 3
・ Wednesday: 4
・ Thursday: 5
・ Friday: 6
・ Saturday: 7
(4) If an error occurs, sets 0 to the clipboard.

Use cases:
(1) It is effective to use when judging processing by day of the week as Automation Anywhere Enterprise V11.x does not have a function for calculating the day of the week from a date.
(2) Can be used to check the first business day or the last business day in a month.
(3) Holidays are not supported as the public holidays vary from country to country.

・ Supports leap years.
・ Works with any date from January 1, 1900 till December 31, 2100.

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Thankyou so much Ramesh. Actually i don’t have AA E11, I am using A360. Is it possible to migrate this from V11 to A360.

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@CHAKRI 3011 Use Datetime: To String and custom format EEEE


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Thankyou Sumith., I tried this before you said, but it didn't came. Now I got it. 


And need one favour Sumit. 

I need to automate calendar and using that I need to validate date and weekday like this date is sunday, monday laike that.. 



Please help me in Logic to implement in A360. Not V11. Without scripting. 

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@CHAKRI 3011

Try to use any of the follow approach described in the below link to get the weekday.

Without scripting will be necessary implement an algorithm like this;:



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@CHAKRI 3011 import attached jar file in control room… manage - >packages → import and user the calendar activities